Training Camps and Training Ground
Training Camps and Training Ground
Training Camps and Training Ground

Training Camps and Training Ground

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Sprint Sled Dog Sports

Do you have your own dog? Are you already race at club level and want to take it to the next level?

We offer a comprehensive training program to athletes and their dogs from junior
programs and adult programs.

Coached by multi-time World Champion Vickie Pullin.

- Facilities for the dogs include private training ground, hydrotherapy, secure off lead
- Detailed training plans for human and canine athletes
- Nutritional advice
- Strength and conditioning
- Race support
- Race kit (at cost price)
- Access to camps
- Equipment hire
- Dog wear available to try and buy

The sport has evolved so much over the years and now we are looking at those marginal gains for the wins. Vickie has helped coach Athletes to win National Championships and to race internationally. Dog welfare is the top priority and we do everything we can to enable our dogs are fit, healthy and happy to race.

Please note all rides are pre-booked and we are not based on site

Start times:

Winter - 10am
Autumn / Spring - 9am
Summer - 8am

For the welfare of the dogs, Rides may be subject to time/date changes according to the temperature, so please leave time around your adventure in case of time changes.

We will give you as much notice as possible if rides need to be altered.
Summer Rides are all: 8am starts, please note in the summer due to temps and the teams welfare, we start early mornings if it is hot closer to your booked in date then we may move your booking up to 6am at the earliest, we may do this with in the last 24 hours if we feel its in the safety of the dogs, if too hot then we would postpone your ride, please note we do not refund or re book if we time change so you need to be flexible.