The quest to be a champion

Pullin Power is Vickie Pullin's British based sled dog racing team which competes in sprint racing all over the World with their canine athletes. 

They race in open and purebred classes, but there are no government grants or lottery funding available for sled dog sports, which means they fund all their training and racing themselves. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.




The Race Team

Vaxel (Eurohound)

Vax is a Eurohound bred in Scotland, by the Leasks. She is a mix of Alaskan Husky and German Shorthaired Pointer from Egil Ellis lines. She is a complete nutter both in harness and out, but has a very sweet if wild nature. She will run her heart out for you if you asked and she is always ready for more. Vax is still young, but is quite an experienced sleddog already, competing on snow at the European Championships, where she joined only a handful of British dogs to ever take part in the dreaded mass start. This involves 18 teams all racing at once and some 72 dogs on course. It takes great skill, courage and dogs to compete in this discipline. Vaxel with her head to run, didn’t get phased by so many other dogs and powered home to a brilliant 14th place. She isn’t the most powerful dog we have, but her incredible drive to run earns her a place in the 4 dog dream team.

Tova (Eurohound)

Tovs is Vaxel’s sister and they are like chalk and cheese. Tova is more lurcher like in build and less confident than her outgoing sister. Tova will never wander far from your side and is a very quite, gentle girl, except for when the harnesses come out. Tova then becomes just like Vax, with the same mental drive to run. We have taken our time not to push her or put her in situations out side of her comfort zone. She competed at the European Champs, but did not race in the mass start as this would have been too intense for Tova at present. She is still learning and growing in confidence every day, but she is a reliable and strong runner who won’t let you down.

Luna (Greyster)

Luna the loonatic came from Poland with her brother Luka. They are from World Champion Igor Tracz lines and 2 of only 3 Traczer dogs in the UK. These dogs are something really special. Their parents are multiple championship winning dogs and proven in races. They are a mix of Alaskan Husky, German Shorthaired Pointer and Greyhound. These dogs are the ultimate sprint sleddogs and are built for power and speed over short distances.

Luna will have her first taste of racing in September, before heading to the Czech Republic for the European ECF Championships. Luna has an incredible gait and a very fast top end speed, especially when she sees a rabbit! She will be Vickie’s bike dog and runs co lead on the 4 dog team. She is still young and lots to learn, but we have high hopes for this elite canine athlete.


I think this will be the biggest dog in my Kennel when he stops growing - maybe we can saddle him up (small horse!) I want to say he's a gentle giant but he's more like a clumsy giant! We are undecided what will suit him best, team, bike or scooter, but we reckon he’ll grow to be a valuable addition to our team.

Luka (Greyster)

Luna’s soppy brother. He has taken longer to mature, but is really starting to understand what harness work is about and whilst still needing lots of encouragement and praise he has led the team for some runs. He prefers to run at the back following his sister and this suits his more powerful stride, but his growing maturity means he is more accepting of being asked to run on his own or up front.

Luka listens very well and in time could make a brilliant leader, when more confident. We are hoping to run him on the scooter as well in the team, as he certainly has the strength for this, but he will be first choice along with his sister for the 4 dog team.

Rio (Scandinavian hound/ Greyster)

Rio is half greyster and half hound and was bred in Scotland. Her parents are the fastest dogs in the UK and her father led his team to the silver medal at the World Championships. She is from an interesting breeding and if she has half the potential of her parents, she will be awesome.

She is smaller than Maggie, but they were born a day apart and have a very special bond, he loves Rio. She is one of the smartest dogs I know and was very naughty as a puppy, but Vickie picked her right from the start, she has attitude and that’s what the truly special dogs need. Even though still young she keeps pace with the older dogs and we think will probably run as co pilot on the 4 dog team when old enough. Her quick thinking means she learns very quickly, but this often gets her in trouble. We’ve had to change the locks on the kennels as she can open them all...a dog with attitude and one to watch.

Appollo (Siberian Husky)

Appollo came from France from World Champion Patrick Logeais. It will be his first season of racing 2016/17. He is quick to learn and confidently runs lead either with his brother or another dog. He can pass all distractions and has been super easy to train. Out of harness he is playfull and loving and a really superb athlete as well as super friendly.

Axel (Siberian Husky)

Brother to Appollo and equally as outgoing and friendly. He runs co lead with Appollo, but as yet probably doesn’t have quite the confidence of his brother. We are hoping to unleash the French boys at the WSA World Dryalnd Championships in Germany in November, where we hope to be competing in bike and scooter with these boys.


Shy girl not old enough for harness yet, but slowly starting to look at the dynamics of running and training and building up fitness and muscle growth but at not rush at all as these dogs have a lot of growing to do! 


Sister to Rocco again from Patricks kennel in France. These 2 dogs are my little wolves - in appearance and temperament. River is the smallest dog I own but don't let that fool you, there second race was a world championships in Slovakia and they finished 4th.... exciting future for these guys.


All leg this boy - he's scared of his own shadow. Rocco needs time and confidence and trust to build up but once you win that he is your partner for life and such a sweetheart - the teenager needs to fill out and mature but we are in rush for this to happen, all in good time, we just having fun been a sleddog!