Private 1 on 1 training

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Private training is available for beginners all the way through to advanced. We charge a flat rate of £42 an hour.

This can be for someone who has never had a go before - your dog needs to be 12 months old, and we recommend a vet check to make sure the dog is fit and healthy to try running in harness.

Alternatively you could be someone who races and wants some help with some fine tuning like overtaking

Included in the price: Coaching/training and use of equipment: Traczer kart, Kick Bike scooter, Bike if needed, Kross

Harness' are available subject to size please enquire prior to arriving if you require this.

We provide all lines and safety gear within the training session. Alternatively, if you have your own equipment, please feel free to bring this with you.

Please note all rides are pre-booked and we are not based on site

Start times:

Winter - 10am
Autumn / Spring - 9am
Summer - 8am

For the welfare of the dogs, Rides may be subject to time/date changes according to the temperature, so please leave time around your adventure in case of time changes.

We will give you as much notice as possible if rides need to be altered.
Summer Rides are all: 8am starts, please note in the summer due to temps and the teams welfare, we start early mornings if it is hot closer to your booked in date then we may move your booking up to 6am at the earliest, we may do this with in the last 24 hours if we feel its in the safety of the dogs, if too hot then we would postpone your ride, please note we do not refund or re book if we time change so you need to be flexible.