Vickie Pullin

Vickie is an ex member of the British Snowboarder Cross Team and a highly motivated individual. Her love of huskies truly began when she worked in Alaska for a commercial husky team and vowed to own her own husky one day.

Years later and Vickie has 28 dogs to call her own, has raced her dogs at European and World Championships and became the first British musher to take part in the World Championships 4 dog team mass start.

Vickie has a great way with dogs and they respect the effort she puts in when they run. You can always hear Vickie on the trails with her customary 'woohoo' as she inspires her dogs to greatness.

She firmly believes in creating strong bonds of trust and respect with her dogs and this is how she gets the very best she can from her team.

Vickie is also the 'go to' husky expert for Channel 5's show, The Dog Rescuers where she helps train rescue dogs.

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