Dog Welfare

It is very important to us that our dogs enjoy their work, but also get time to just be dogs. They live at home with us as much loved members of the family and are not kennelled. They love walks in the park, playing in the garden and snoozing on the sofa in their chill time.

It is very important to keep our dogs healthy and this is reflected in their working performance. We feed Hooner's Infinity Advanced Pet Nutrition, which is a high protein high fat food for working dogs. They also get mince 3 times a week and raw, meaty bones. We do supplement with other vitamins and minerals depending on workload, time of year and age. Our dogs love to unwind with Antler Dog Chews, which are packed with goodness as well as keeping them out of mischief for more info please see www.antlerdogchews.co.uk

Hydration for working dogs is paramount and our dogs are fed and watered at various intervals depending on their working schedule.

One of the most important pieces of equipment for a working dog is a harness. We only use harnesses that have been tried and tested by the top mushers in the world. We use Howling Dog Second Skin harnesses, which fit like a glove, but have an attachment point that relieves pressure off the dogs rear and spine.

We are also very proud to be at the forefront of welfare for working dogs and along with other UK companies have created the Association of British Sleddog Operators - www.abso.org.uk This is a benchmark standard of care for working sleddogs and all ABSO members must reach a level of accreditation before approval. Look for the operator’s logo to ensure quality of care.

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