Green Commitment

We don’t think there’s a much more environmentally friendly way to travel than dog sledding, but we still like to do our bit. Our fuel for fires is made from recycled sawdust briquettes, which is a 100% renewable biomass fuel and is carbon neutral.

We recycle glass, paper, cans, plastic, cardboard and printer cartridges. Guests need to use the recycling containers supplied.

To reduce packaging waste, we buy in bulk and use refills when possible.

Where appropriate we purchase recycled products.

We conduct our business by email and telephone as much as we can to minimise paper use.

We get meat off cuts and bones from our local butcher and our campfire meals are from ethically farmed small holdings.

Our dog food uses Scottish Salmon from sustainable fishing grounds and we use Antler Dog Chews, which are naturally shed by deer every year.

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