Your first time meeting huskies stays with you forever

There are so many stories and facts about these amazing dogs, which are one of the oldest breeds in the world. There is a tribe in Siberia who owes their very existence today to huskies. The dogs have uniquely evolved to live and work in the most inhospitable climates in the world. Not to mention husky teams are the ultimate in team work. Every team member has a specific job to do and they must all work in harmony to keep their sled on track.

Huskies can cover over 80 miles a day and are superb endurance athletes. They are truly remarkable and fascinating animals. The workshop is captivating with teachers and children alike on the edge of their seats as we transport them to life in Alaska.

We also have links with the Iditarod Education Department in Alaska and are actively looking to link schools for project work with schools in Alaska, through email, skype and conference calls.

The real stars are the dogs though. Their lovable and playful personalities shine through as they lap up the attention lavished upon them.

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