Pullin Power

Sleddog racing in the UK is all about sprint racing as we have neither the temps or the trails to be able to run long distance. We travel all over the UK, Europe and the world to compete, mostly camping in our trusty van with the dogs for company.

Vickie is a member of Team GB and has represented her country at European and World Championships both in dryland (rigs) and on a sled on snow. She is currently the only UK musher to hold a sprint top 10 ranking on snow being placed 7th in the world in the 4 dog class.

We race under our club banner - Pullin Power and have several members both canine and human. The team regularly places on the podium at various events throughout the racing season.

The highlight of our racing to date has been competing at the World Championships in Germany in 2015. Here Vickie earned international respect and her spot in the record books when she became the first British musher to compete in the 4 dog team mass start. This involves around 48 dogs tearing off the start line in a flurry of legs, tails and snow.

You can follow all the teams racing and training on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pullin-Power/1531358703796686

The Siberians

Not all our dogs compete, some just don't enjoy the faster speeds and demands of sprinting. Our top race dog is Willow who never lets you down, she is the current Sled Dog Association of Scotland Scooter Class Champion, which she has held for the past 2 years and will be competing at the World Dryland Championships in Canada at the end of 2015.  Nanuk and sister Levi compete with Bryony in the junior class and have never been off the podium in a race. In 2014 Levi and Bryony came 2nd in the Canix World Championships.

The Alaskans

We have 4 littermates which are alaskan huskies. They are from Iditarod winning lines in Alaska and would run all day and all night if you let them. They are from long distance running lines, but we have had great success running sprint with them. They have just completed their first season of racing where they competed at the World Championships and gave a great account of themselves. Even though still young the siblings are probably some of the most experienced race dogs in the country and have taken every challenge in their stride. They always cross the finish lines happy, tails wagging and ready to do it all again.

The Eurohounds / Greysters

The ultimate sprint racing sleddog. These are the fastest dogs for racing on the planet and come from a complex mix of alaskan husky, german shorthaired point, english pointer and greyhound. They have an incredible drive to run and work and we are very excited for the future when these guys become old enough to race.

Please check out the Pullin Power website for more info, and to follow the team: www.pullin-power.com