Sami Tipi

The Sami people are reindeer herders. They live a semi-nomadic livelihood in an environment known for its extremes of climate – bitterly cold and snowy in the winter months, with warm, pleasant summers and a brief flourish of foliage, berries and wildlife.

Within this harsh environment, the Sami found comfort living close to nature. Their home was a simple cone-shaped frame of wooden poles covered with hides, with a top opening to let out smoke. The fire was a central focal point for this temporary home and was able to provide heat and light and a social atmosphere too, despite the harsh conditions.

Our Tipi differs little from this age old design. For those chillier nights you can warm up the tipi with a toasty fire inside. It’s quite an experience to snuggle down at night with the gentle crackling from the fire as our wood burner keeps the cold at bay.

On the harshest of nights the Sami would bring their dogs into the tipis to cuddle up to and help keep them warm. Unfortunately we take ours dogs are not provided!

We do, however, provide a double mattress and single futons for a comfy night and with an abundance of headroom. There are plenty of furs and blankets and in winter we use British Army Arctic sleeping bags with fleece liners, down filled tent booties and thermal hoods. The tipi can sleep up to five people.

We think we’ve got most things covered from cutlery, to water, to coolbox including milk and even a camping toilet if you’re caught short in the night. It’s hard to remember you’re on a campsite with showers, a bar and people within reach. Guests can now take advantage of the newly refurbished gym or relax in the sauna for an additional £10 per person. One bag of fuel is provided for your stay, further bags are chargeable.