Corporate/Team Building - POA

Our pack represents the ultimate in teamwork. When out on the trails a pack that fights will struggle to get home. Each dog has a job and a position in the team that means they can live and work together.

It becomes clear when you meet the dogs and start to appreciate their individual characters that, just like people, some dogs are born leaders and some are followers.

Team structure can also be fluid, depending on the situation. Swing dogs can take over in lead to give respite and vice versa and a great dog can run in any position for the good of the team. This comes from wolves and how they organize their packs. When hunting, the wolves rotate leaders when they are tired to stay fresh and alert. This strategy has also been adopted by the military on operations and is called ‘taking point.’

We offer talks, demonstrations or rides to help build and develop confidence and communication skills or just enjoy a wonderful day out. We have on-site conference facilities and we can include food options.

There are several up-grade options to make your adventure even more memorable. They are:-

We can travel to your site if appropriate, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.